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Tigris attacks boyfriend | Face of Malawi

Sexy Rn’B diva Tigris turned into a real life marauding tigress when she assaulted her boyfriend Zamil Mohammed after a disagreement over trust issues in their relationship.

Sources close to the boyfriend confided in The Weekend Times that the smooth-voiced artist beat up her boyfriend and left him with a swollen forehead.

The boyfriend told his friends that apart from beating him Tigris also broke his car’s window, two top of the range handsets and a microwave.

But what could have provoked such violent emotions in an angel looking girl like Tigris?

According to information we have she got angry after her boyfriend tried to check her phone to find out who she was texting a message to.

“She was sending a text message to someone and when he asked her who she was texting to she appeared she didn’t want him to know. The boyfriend grabbed the phone and the fight ensued,” said the source.

The source said surprisingly when she wants to see the boyfriend’s phone he does not stop her. Attempts to speak to both parties proved futile as their phones were out of reach since the incident happened.

This is not the first time the two have been involved in altercations. Last year, the two fought in Mzuzu at Key Lounge when Tigris thought she had caught her boyfriend with a mistress when it was only Zamil’s cousin.

Tigris is said to have slapped Zamil and a fight ensued in which Zamil triumphed as Tigris was seen around with a bruised face, not this time though.

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