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Women of distinction awards-Malawi 2013 on

A group of women, who have made remarkable contributions to the development of Malawi, will also be recognized this year at the women of distinction awards.

A member of Cream, a women empowerment organization which organizes the event, Zilanie Gondwe Nyundo has confirmed the development.

The event was introduced last year, where some of the ladies that have made remarkable contributions to the development of the country were recognized.

There were doubts on the event taking place this year, as most people were tying it to the former first lady who hosted the event at the presidential palace.

However, Nyundo says the event is going to take place this year.

Women of Distinction Awards Program is an inspirational and exciting celebration of talent, achievement, imagination and innovation, honouring Malawian women who have made a unique and exemplary contribution to the development of others in the country.

Writing on their Facebook Page Women of Distinction-Malawi (WODA) earlier, the organizers requested people to suggest categories and nominate women of their choice.

“Another year is here, another chance to celebrate the majesty of womankind and to uplift the women of Malawi whose ccomplishments must be highlighted, admired, rewarded and even more importantly, emulated.

“This is no ordinary year; this season enjoys the presidency of Mrs Joyce Banda a singular woman of accomplishment!

“Which categories do you want included this year? Which women are you ready to nominate?” they wrote.

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