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Support Malawian musicians by buying Malawi music online

I’m so happy to tell you what am about to tell you today but before I say what I have to say I want to ask you a question, how does it feel to make money?  Money making must be one the most exciting and fulfilling moments in a lifetime no matter how you put it and to be frank it is a process we do go through perhaps 65% of active days (though some of us exceed that).

Now imagine making money off your music??? All the energies put in to produce that precious sound piece bringing back dividends and expanding your fan base globally.

This is exactly what www.malawi-music.com is offering right now, the opportunity to sell your music globally online. At first I thought these guys were just an online free music library but after hearing this am glad to tell my Malawian relatives living abroad to support Malawi music’s efforts and purchase the albums available on the website.  Once you buy the transactions are carried by Google Wallet assuring you a safe and secure transaction and the money actually gets to the musicians.  Whats better than that? Buy a cd or mp3 you like, its only costing £0.99 for one song and £9.99 for an album and this price is standard.  Visit www.Malawi-music.com now!

Can’t wait to see our music listened to all over the world.

– Billy Blanco

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