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Lucius Banda swindled by Joe Gwaladi

The Sunbird Sand Festival might have come and gone but in the news it still rears its head. Just a day after FaceofMalawi reported that musician Moses Makawa was battling for dear life after being attacked by robbers on his way from rehearsals for the same festival which he eventually failed to attend, recent reports have indicated that another musician Joe Gwaladi has his own story in as far as the festival is concerned.

According to media reports today, musician Joe Gwaladi received payment from the organizer Lucius Banda that he perform at the festival but, as usual, Gwaladi did not turn up for the show.

“We paid Gwaladi yet on the day of performing and throughout the festival, he could not be traced,” lamented Banda.

This is not the first time for Gwaladi to be involved in such acts as earlier this year he was paid by the organizers of the Bwalo la Aluso Arts festival to perform in Lilongwe but soon after pocketing the cash, he went AWOL with it.

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