Lately Malawi has seen an increase in the number of internet users across the country. This development has forced many business players in the country to also adopt new technology and marketing techniques to suit the environment. As a result we have seen different websites showcasing various brands coming to light.

Music is has also seen its benefits with the increase in internet usage. With the coming of mobile phones, users are easily downloading and playing music from the internet on their devices.

Malawi-music.com is one of the website many mobile and internet users are utilizing to download new songs. If you go to different entertainment venues or listen to radio stations, you may not hear three local songs without hearing a Malawi-music.com tag.

Malawi-music.com is a brain child of Sean Chikago, Dingani Whayo and Kenny Klips.
The three decided to come up with the website after noting that there was a challenge for people Worldwide to access Malawi Music.

Speaking in an interview with Nation Newspaper Sean Chikago who is responsible for building of the websites e.g Cars265.com, Nyumba24.com and Malawi-Music.com said he was overwhelmed with the response the website has received since its launch 4 years ago.

“During my degree programme I used to communicate with Dingaani my cousin who was doing almost a similar course at University of Cape Town in South Africa. I noticed that during my time there it was very hard to access Malawian music and since Dingani was more inclined to music we agreed to build a music retail website where people from all over can access Malawian music”, Sean is quoted.

The website came to full operation in the past 2 years. Despite facing a number of challenges the websites has managed to bring to light many artist like NesNes and Gwamba who are launching their individual debut albums at the end of this month in the Malawi.

In an interview with FaceofMalawi.com, the founders of the Malawi-Music.com website have made a humble appeal to businesses especially mobile operators and banks to support Malawian music by supporting the website.

“The website, which attracts over a million hits a month, can be seen as an advertising media to different corporations around the country”, said Sean.

The founders also expressed their concerns by saying that it is unfortunate that alot of Marketing managers havent picked up to on this new type of advertising online but they were optimistic that the future might be brighter than the past as the hard work has already been done by regular Malawian folks.

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