Mollen Nazombe, a poet and producer of ‘Bwalo la Alakatuli’ programme on Matindi FM radio has been suspended with immediate effect from today due to misconduct at work.

An inside source confided to Face of Malawi that the poet also known as ‘Nduna ya Amfumu’ and a brother to the late Obrien Nazombe, has since been temporally replaced by Sam Banda, a sports presenter for his popular programme.

“There are many reasons why the management of Matindi radio has decided to suspend Mollen. But, one chief reason is that he has been pocketing money for poetry shows that the radio organizes without his bosses’ consent,” said the source.

The source said the poet was poor at organizing poetry shows that the radio entrusted him with, often postponing poetry shows in order to satisfy his lust for money. The latest show to be postponed was the one scheduled to take place on 30 November, 2014 at Palm Valley Lodge in Thyolo but later changed to 7 December without the knowledge of the management.

“He is also said to have deleted the entire Matindi FM’s poetry library which forced the staff to seek other poems from other sources in order to cater for the Tuesday’s programme,” the source said.

Followers of ‘Bwalo la Alakatui’ woke up to a surprise on Tuesday evening when they heard a voice of Sam Banda, hosting their favourite programme and to their chagrin, the programme ended earlier than its usual duration.

A star of ‘Kalata kwa Aunt’ has never been short of controversy after he is alleged to have plagiarized the work of his best friend, Kazako Singano for the poem, ‘Ng’ombe Yanga Ya Mkaka’ as well as accused of giving out peanuts to poets who perform at poetry shows of ‘Bwalo la Alakatuli’.

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