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US Rapper, Nas Compares U.S. To Apartheid-Era South Africa

Whilst doing an interview on  Time magazine,the American rapper Nas highlighted the prevailing state of the US in light of  the deaths of Mike Brown, Eric Garner etc . Nas stated that  it’s not okay for the US  “to look like apartheid South Africa.”


“We may have read about the Civil Rights [movement], but you didn’t live it,” Nas said. “You may have read about lynchings in Mississippi and Alabama, but you didn’t live through it. It was before this generation’s time, before my time. Now you get to see it. Something that’s always been going on. Something that’s been going on entirely too long. It’s not cool to look like apartheid South Africa [in] 1988. How are we going to be the free world or the most powerful country when inside this country we’re fighting because of skin color? That’s just embarrassing. I’m one of the guys that’s out there saying, ‘Listen, it has to stop.’”

Do you agree or disagree?


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