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Part 2: Top 10 Craziest Break Ups This Year!

To finish off our Top 10 Craziest Break Ups This Year we give you the top 5 Break Ups that come as a shocker for most and well one or two relationships and break ups in this top 5 were under the red carpet.

5. Arthur & Chomee

Arthur and Chomee

So first they denied being together, then they were together and then Arthur says Chomee cheated with Euphonik,oh I bet you knew that you would see Euphoniks name on this list, haha well there it is ladies and gents!


4. Nomuzi Mabena & Thomas Gumede

Nomuzi Mabena and Thomas Gumede

Wait what? Yes they were dating and sadly broke it off, we still love yall though together or separated you stay winning!

3. Gareth Cliff & 5FM

Gareth Cliff 5fm

Our favourite controversial South African Gareth left 5FM this year, a great loss but a smart move for his career and self growth we guess Cliff Central is the best.


2. Minnie Dlamini & Itumeleng Khune

Minnie and Itumeleng

The lovely Minnie and Itumeleng, probably one of the biggest break ups in the entertainment industry EVER! They were this happy couple apparently to be married thanks to a milli of lobola from Khune well that Titanic sank quicker than we thought it would!

1. Generations Cast & Mvundi Vundla


Iyoh! The most hurtful break up in the entertainment industry this year! I honestly thought South African were gonna die from the production break that Generations took, oh well it’s back on our screens now, everyone went from ” Boycott Generations” to “I wanna see what crap Mfundi is giving us tonight!”

Well there you have it, our Top 10 Craziest Break Ups This Year, agreed? Agreed! Meeting adjourned!


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