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Euphonik Doesn’t Give A F*** About Queen B And Dbanj!

I know you’ve all been wondering how Dj Euphonik feels about this little situation or what he’s said to the media about it. I mean Euphonik’s relationship has caused a lot of drama in our media space for two seconds we can even say that they were the Rihanna and Chris Brown of South Africa, no? weeellll that’s besides the point right now.

New Year, No F**k’s given by Euphonik?

Apparently when Euphonik was asked how he feels about Bonang and Dbanj’s relationship he simply responded with:

“It’s none of my business and I don’t care.”

Damn! Short and sweet and straight to the point we like that. On the other hand we guess Bonang also doesn’t care because she hasn’t been too private about her relationship with Dbanj, if you’ve own it, flaunt it?

bonang and dbanj

Before we saw pictures of Dbanj and Bonang online she had actually tweeted: “Take me to my love…” before jetting off to Lagos to spend New Years with him and her bestie Somizi.

Anywaaaays according to Sunday Sun Euphonik is engaged to his babymama now, so I guess there’s a happy ending for everyone here. We wish them all well in their ‘private’ relations.



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