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PICs: Riky Rick’s Baby Mama Caught On Camera!

So it seems like Riky Rick is a part of the “keeping my life private” group of celebrities. I mean we always see his son Maik on social media but never Maik’s mom. Well we did a little snooping and we found a few pics of Maik’s mom aka Riky Rick’s women. I have to say that this is one of the many beautiful family’s out there.

Riky has also been seen posting more video’s of his family like his mom playing with little Maik. He also posts old family pictures on his Insta page. Is he letting us into his life surely but surely? This also includes him connecting with his fans via the BossZonke Hotline and also following his fans on twitter. Riky Rick is really reaching out! Indeed this is his year.

Just Riky And Maik…

Riky rick and Maik

Just Riky And Maik Once Again…

Riky Rick and Maik 2

Family Days Out…

Riky Rick

The Whole Family…

Riky family

So now we know who Riky Rick is taken by right ladies! Now that you’ve seen her, please respect her and stay away from her man!!!

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