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Muzart’s Rorisang Thandekiso Lights Up Twitter: “I’m A 25 Year Old Virgin”…


3 Talk’s Noeleen had a few celebrities sit down on her couch yesterday discussing equality and the different roles that males and females play in our society in this day age.

The celebrity panel included Mi Casa’s J Something representing the gentlemen and basically saying that today’s woman is not the same woman that his grandfather had several years ago.

Representing the females on “what women want” you had TV personality and presenter LootLove and talented musician Rorisang Thandekiso amongst many others.

Noleen asked the ladies about equality in relationships and what roles each party plays.

Loot commented by saying that women change and the only right man for a woman is a man that’s accepting and understanding of that change. Agreed!

The more interesting parts of the conversation came when Noleen asked what do women prefer or enjoy in the bedroom.  Lootlove asked to be excused from this topic has her mother was watching, haha Loot we think that tells mommy a lot don’t you?

Well Rorisang’s answer is what shocked some people and had some people questioning if it could be true.

“Some of us don’t prefer anything in bed,”

“You see I’m a virgin and some guys question that, a virgin at 25.”

“It’s a personal decision and I’m saving myself for someone who will respect that decision and understand why I’ve made it” Rorisang says.

She also continued by saying that some guys disappear after she reveals this “secret” which is now no longer a secret. She also revealed her nickname that colleagues gave her because of her sexual preferences “Le V Dot” meaning the virgin.

A lot of people on social media questioned this, asking how can someone still be a virgin at the age of 25. Others actually admired Rorisang for actually being able to save herself for this long!

Check out the love from fans below

rorisang t rorisang admirer

Rorisang says her decision is based on the commitment she has made to honour her God by keeping herself pure.

rorisang's tweet

She also added that some of her female friends have told her that staying a virgin is the best decision she had made for herself.

What do you think of Rorisang keeping herself pure for marriage? Good decision?

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