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The Crazy President Mugabe #Mugabeing Movement!

After President Mugabe’s fall last week at the Harare International airport you’d think that the meme’s and social laughs would be all we get out of it. But noooo twitter has no chill mate.

People got over the Mugabe falling meme’s and now there’s a new trend on twitter it’s called #Mugabeing

What did you think about President Mugabe’s fall? Taking into account that 27 of Mugabe’s guards were fired after his great big embarrassing fall.

Check out the crazy pictures of people imitating President Mugabe’s fall and hashtagging it #Mugabeing they’ve started a twitter movement.

Are you a part of the #Mugabeing movement?…

mugabeing 4

Do the #Mugabeing…

crazy mugabeing


mugabeing 3

Join The Movement…

mugabeing 2

Yesssssss Maaaaan!…



So quick question? Are you a part of the #Mugabeing movement?

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