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Julius Malema: “President Jacob Zuma is a champion of corruption”…

Julius Malema Launches EFF

I think it’s safe to say that SONA last night might have the best reality entertainment show that has come from South Africa this year.

As anticipated the EFF was kicked out for their outrageous behavior and well the DA simply asked to be excused from the gathering.

The leader of the EFF Julius Malema was quoted saying that President Jacob Zuma is a “champion of corruption”.

During a briefing with journalists just a day after being kicked out from Parliament during President Jacob Zuma’s state-of-the-nation address, he had mentioned that more than R60 billion had disappeared in South Africa through corrupt government activities, and there was no accountability for even a cent of the money.

“Why should there be accountability when you’ve got a sitting president himself being a champion of corruption?”

“Why would you want a most clever president, who is not corrupt, because the most stupid president, who is corrupt, will never hold you accountable for your corrupt activities.

“Because he knows that he himself is corrupt. So it’s not like these people in the ANC do not see that their president is corrupt. They are aware, but because they are a group of corrupt people, they are unable to call each other to order.” Malema continued.

Malema suggests that the best way to deal with the corruption crisis in South Africa, “profit shifting and transfer pricing” is by transferring the land owned by whites to the country’s indigenous people.

“[It is] a crisis that should be confronted through a very clear passing of legislation which will transfer property into the hands of our people, and change the colonial patterns of property ownership in South Africa.

“But the ANC has been very scared to take that decision because they are leading and representing those who exploit us.”

Julius then continued to speak about the current state of ESKOM and says that the government has failed to take care of the issue because of corruption.

“The current government lacks the capacity to deliver electricity, and when asked questions they blame it on apartheid.”

Julius says when the African National Congress published a document the 1990s titled “Ready to Govern” they should have seen then that there was a crisis coming to hit our country.

“They are talking about apartheid because they are unable to confront those who are given a responsibility to build power stations for us.

“They are unable to do so because they are in business with those people. They have got a generally corrupt relationship with people who are given tenders to build power stations, and as a result they are unable to intervene.”

Malema stresses that the EFF is concerned about the judiciary system of this country more than anything else. Mentioning that most of our judges are a part of this “corruption”

“Everything else in South Africa has been corrupted. Everything, the church, has been corrupted. The only thing that is still showing some signs of neutrality and objectivity is the judiciary.

“If we lose the judiciary, we are gone.”

As much as most may be against Malema’s ways of addressing certain issues there’s a lot of merit to the points he puts across and what the EFF worries about.

Source: Sowetan Live


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