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Thato Makgaka Still Believes That Oupa Manyisa Is The Father Of Her Child


Last week soccer player Oupa Manyisa received the news that he is not the father of DJ Thato Makgaka’s son.Even after the DNA test results Thato believes that Oupa is in fact the father of her son and that the test results were tampered with.

The DNA results were obtained from a test conducted at a Johannesburg pathologist lab last week. As mentioned before the results revealed that Oupa is not the father but Thato believes otherwise. For people who are in this same predicament, they will have to turn to their local area for this type of service. There is Forest Hill DNA Testing from that can be used if needed, or they can talk to their primary care physician to discuss closer options.

She refuses to except the results and strongly believes that the testing process was tampered with to accommodate the footballers wishes.

Makgaka spoke to Sunday Sun, had this to say about the results: “They know what they did. Do you think I would have done the tests if the baby was not his?

“I’ll never embarrass myself like that. I think they cooked the results,” she added.

Oupa however is very pleased with the outcome of the DNA test and advises Thato to ‘go and look for the father of her child.’

“I knew from the outset that I was not the father of that child and Thato put my career in jeopardy with her lies,” he reportedly told the paper.

It looks like either Manyisa’s baby mama drama is not going to end any time soon or Thato is going to be a single mama until she finds her sons father.

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