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AKA Realises His Beef With Cassper Was A Waste Of Time: “WHAT THE F*** DID I HAVE TO GAIN FROM THIS BEEF?”

So we guess the news of becoming a father brought a reality check to AKA huh? The man does not only celebrate April Fools day but he also doesn’t have the time for beefs any more, well we wonder what took him so long.

Over the weekend AKA and Cassper Nyovest along with other Hip Hop cats spent some time together and well it seems AKA came to realise that him and Cassper shouldn’t have had bad blood in the first place.

We know that the AKA and Cassper beef lasted well over a year and on Christmas last year the two decided to make peace and call it quits. AKA took a minute to reflect on the whole situation and realised that ey it was all really a waste of time. Well this is what he call growing up.

Check out AKA’s Instagram post below:

Dawg Why Were We Beefing?…

aka and cassper what

Part of growing up, is realizing what’s important and what isn’t, what is worth your time and what takes time AWAY from what the actual goals are. I never speak out on this because I believe there are some things the public deserve to know and some things better left unsaid. THIS IS HIP HOP CULTURE, beef is nothing new. It’s funny when they say, it’s “marketing” … WHAT THE FUCK DID I HAVE TO GAIN FROM THIS BEEF? Nothing. Real life happens and sometimes people work shit out. Since we squashed it on Christmas Day last year it seems as if we destroyed people’s livelihoods … YOU ARE SO DESPERATE TO SEE US HATE EACH OTHER FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT. It’s fucking sad. I’m bout to be someone’s father, I’m growing up and trying to have good energy around me. MOVE THE FUCK ON ALREADY. ITS OVER… UNLOCK YOUR MIND

The Boys Boys…

the boys boys

@oskidoibelieve dropping jewels  in the middle of the party yesterday. Look at us, all thirsty for the knowledge.

We glad that Doro Daddy is growing up and realising that some things are just not worth it man!

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