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AKA thinks SA priorities skew

Rapper AKA has hit back at haters who Monday criticised him for bragging on Twitter about his wealth, saying the current xenophonbic violence in KwaZulu-Natal should instead be the talked-about issue.

AKA Goes Kanyee

Twitter users yesterday responded with mixed reactions after AKA posted a photo of his swanky crayfish meal, with which he wrote: “Lunch … How’s your King Pie right now?”

Some social media users took serious offence to the rapper’s boasting, like one who wrote: “how f***ing rude, not everyone can afford f***ing lobster and its mid-month you insensitive p***k!!!!!”

While others were thoroughly amused by AKA’s tweet, and joined in on the fun by sharing photos of rather unappealing meals.

AKA hit back at the haters who voiced their disapproval of his tweet, with posts such as: “If you took offense to that King Pie tweet …. Then yes, that tweet was meant for you.

“Your favorite American can post his fleet of luxury cars and you love it. I post a crayfish and all hell breaks loose ….

“Like I said, if you took offense to that tweet, It was totally meant for you. You pie eating bastard.

“If your life and self esteem is linked to my opinion on pies … You might need to rethink a couple of things.”

He then on Tuesday took to Twitter, where he suggested that people’s priorities are not quite straight, and that his lunch is a non-issue.

“Fellow Africans are being burned alive in DBN but you want to talk about pies,” he tweeted.

“Xenophobia is disgusting … In fact, as a South African … I feel embarrassed”

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