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Nonhle Ndala Spends Some Quality Time With Her Baby Daddy Andile Jali

Besides all the drama that’s currently going on with the Diski Diva’s ladies Nonhle Ndala is taking some time out to enjoy quality time with her boyfriend and baby daddy Andile Jali.

Last week Nonhle made headlines for all the wrong reasons after being in an altercation with fellow Diva cast mates Kat and Wendy. Apparently the altercation did not end well with the ladies getting physical with each other which then resulted in Kat and Wendy being removed the show.

We don’t know about you but 3/5 Diski Diva’s doesn’t sound like much of a show to watch. It seems that Nonhle needed some time out after the whole thing and her and boyfie Andile are away on a luxury holiday.

Check out some of the pictures from the couples getaway:

Ey Nonhle…

nonhle 1

Goodnight guys🙏


nonhle 2


Breakfast is served #personalized to spec #LuxuryBushLiving #HealthyLiving #Salmon #PoachedEggWhites #GrilledTomato #Cucumber

This Is Life…

nonhle 3

There is no where in the world I’d rather be…

How’s Your Breakfast?…

nonhle 4

Breakfast Starter… #FreshFruit #LuxuryBushLiving #Serenity

Outside Baths…

nonhle 5


Enjoyed my early morning bath with a gorgeous elevated view, surrounded by the beauty of nature, Beavers came to take a sneak peak 😜🙈

The Private Life…

nonhle 6

Private Pool outside our bedroom suite … Beauty in a Beast


nonhle 7

Serenity… #indoor & #outdoor bathroom #oursuite





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