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Thapelo Mokoena Shows Some Love For His Baby Mama And Shares A Magazine Cover With His Son!

There’s honestly nothing cuter than a man that’s in love with his family!

Thapelo Mokoena is one of those men, we can only imagine how many women throw themselves at the handsome young man but he stays loyal to his wifey and son.

The most challenging thing in the industry is making time for family and making the most of every minute you have with them. Recently Thapelo shared a moment with is son where they will both feature on the June 2015 Mamas & Papas magazine cover.

Thapelo shared this cute moment on Instagram with the sweetest caption ever!

The Mokoena family also recently got a family portrait taken and Thapelo took a moment to appreciate his baby mama ‘mmeMokoena’ as he calls her.

Check out the cute moments below:


thapelo baby mama

Love is an understatement ❤ mmeMokoena. Truth is You ✊
#happymothersday #love #thankyou #Timeless #familia #woman #myown #mamaCuba #love


Daddy & Son…

thapelo mokoena cover

“Got to share a set with my son & had a super photo shoot & interview with @mamasnpapasmag a couple of weeks ago. Talking #Fatherhood & #Family. Dropped on his 10 month birthday. Out in stores Nationwide. Get Yours #Fatherhood #Family #Lereko #Cuba #Irish #Koena #sonofagun #ukhule.”


thapelo family

A Big Thank You to Mr Leeroy Jason @darealclickclak for the family potraits y/day. Lereko’s very first photoshoot. I am to blame for taking so long. Its a gift we wont forget. Big Up Sir #Mokoenas #Grateful ?✊
For your own family potraits, contact & book time with @darealclickclak on:
[email protected]


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