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Kenny Kunene Warns Criselda Kananda To Watch Her Mouth!

Kenny Kunene

The week of Kenny Kunene drama we would like to call this one.

Remember when Kenny said that his book will reveal all about his life and then he went to the papers to tell them about how he’s dated a whole Quantum of South African celebrities?

Well Criselda Kananda took to her Twitter account to Tweet about the sushi king and his insulting remarks about these women. In her Tweets Criselda basically said that the business man was a sorry excuse for a man.

One of the women he insulted was former Generations actress Sophie Ndaba. Speaking to papers Ndaba confirmed that she dated Kunene but claims that this was 7 years ago before he became the man he is today and she went on to say that she’s lost all respect she ever had for Kenny.

Kenny has finally spoken out about how he feels about some of the things that Criselda put on Twitter about him. Speaking to ZAlebs, Kenny had this to say: “I will let the insults pass this time around. But if she does it again, when I open my mouth, she will not want to get out of her house.”

He also said that he was surprised by Criselda’s comments because he thought that they were friends and when friends have something to say about you the call you.

“She has my numbers, you call your friends, you don’t go on Twitter.”

To close off his conversation with the site he then added that he believes that Criselda has reduced her intellect to that of a tabloid newspaper, referring to Daily Sun.

Sjoe! We just can’t wait to read your book man…

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