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Cassper Nyovest Pays Back Dr Malinga!

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Over the weekend Cassper Nyovest was set to perform at an event hosted by Dr Malinga but according to him he couldn’t perform at the concert because of the traffic and the crowd being too ‘hectic’, well Dr Malinga wasn’t buying that story.

Cassper took to Twitter to vent about how the organisers of the event didn’t pay any attention to their performers and that’s why he failed to make his appearance.

Dr Malinga also took to Twitter to simply tell Cassper that his story doesn’t add up and that he should just pay back the money that was paid for him to perform.

Malinga was then invited to Mo Flava’s show on Metro FM on Tuesday morning to discuss the matter. Talking to Mo, Malinga said that he was a little confused by the argument Cassper gave for not performing at the event and he has no idea why he didn’t pitch.

“I have no idea why he didn’t come. Maybe AKA landed with a helicopter, maybe Oskido landed with a helicopter? Maybe they just landed on stage? But Cassper? No, no, no – he couldn’t manage the traffic and so he went to Rustenberg to perform there. Maybe he just took pictures of cars and sent them and said ‘I’m stuck behind these cars,’” joked Malinga.

“I’m an artist too. Sometimes you have to park far away and come with a disguise and police will escort you. But no, Cassper, the mighty Cassper, didn’t want to come in disguise,” he continues.

Dr Malinga also said that Cassper claiming that he could not get a hold of the event organisers was bull.

“The number was for a guy who was at the gate fetching artists. They didn’t call the guy, they just said ‘the organisers don’t love us.’”

Dr Malinga says that Cassper has paid back about R25 000 into the festival’s bank account, but he also says he hasn’t received proof of payment from the rapper and doubts that the money actually comes from Cassper himself.

“He paid me but there was no proof of payment. He told me ‘Malinga I will give you your money back, but I will not give you the transport money because I was there.’”

Talk about drama, but we’re glad that the issue is well half resolved.

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