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DJ Euphonik Moves On With His Life!

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So what if Bonang is living it up in Mauritius with D’Banj?

Euphonik has also moved on so should everyone else! Former Miss SA Teen Celeste Khumalo is reported to be the new woman in DJ Euphonik’s life.

Euphonik’s relationships have not always been a success story in the public eye, first his relationship with Bonang ends because he apparently abused her and then second with Chomee, we honestly don’t know what happened there.

Reports say that the Celeste has welcomed Euphonik into her life with open arms ignoring his past relationship wrongs.

Sources close to Bonang and Euphonik revealed to Daily Sun that since their split in December Euphonik has grown closer to Celeste and Bonang evidently to D’Banj. Another source further revealed that Euphonik and Celeste are more than just close friends and that’s why they have been seen together more at events lately.

“They’ve been spotted together often. Two weeks ago, they were at Carnival City at the popular Heavyweight gig, but claimed they’re just good friends. They came together and left together in his Rolls Royce,” said the source.

“They’re actually dating. Themba (Euphonik) has been bragging that Celeste’s nothing like his ex – she is actually drama-free,” the source continued.

A DJ close to Euphonik also said that Celeste and Euphonik have been going out on a lot of dates lately and even though Euphonik’s life is not the same without Bonang, life has to move on.

“You can tell that he actually misses her sometimes but he’s chilled.”

Apparently Celeste has also been bragging to her friends about dating the oh so famous DJ Euphonik every time he calls her and she’s with them.

Well there you have it while Bonang and D’Banj are painting Mauritius red, Euphonik and Celeste are enjoying their simple lives together.

Check out Euphonik’s new beauty below and tell us what you think…

Everybody, say hello to Celeste…

celeste khumalo

Bonang Who?…

Photography by Marnus Meyer, Styling by Jelena Jablanovic, Makeup and hair by Kirsti van Zyl

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