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Cassper Nyovest On His Visit To Prison: “I feel like Pac foreal.”

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We guess in the old times of Hip Hop you weren’t a true rapper unless you’ve been to prison or have your ‘dawg’s’ in prison right?

Well relax it’s 2015 and it’s not the same anymore, Cassper was in prison but it’s not for anything he did wrong and we most certainly hope he doesn’t have any buddy’s there.

It seems that on Wednesday local favourite Cassper Nyovest got the oppurtunity to perform for inmates at the Baviaanspoort Maximum Correctional Facility in Pretoria. Damn, aren’t they lucky though?

Apparently the prisoners were asked to vote for their favourite South African artist that they would like to see performing for them and well Cassper won most of the votes. Mister Doc Shebeleza agreed to perform for them and we guess after the whole experience he came out a changed man!

Cassper took to Twitter to express that his life has changed after his visit to prison and that he really appreciates that his music inspires people because that’s why he makes music, to influence others. Well we’re glad he came out a changed man, that’s what prison is for right? LOL!

My Music Give Em Hope…

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I Feel Like Pac Foreal…

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Positive Impact…

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