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DJ Zinhle Is Due To Give Birth Any Day From Now!

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The excitement that’s within us right now is totally out of this world!

When DJ Zinhle and AKA first announced that she’s pregnant she was about 2 months into her pregnancy it’s crazy to think that all those months have gone by so quickly. With the launch of her site MOMents where Zinhle shares all her moments and MOMents about her pregnancy it’s clear that she’s very much excited about bringing a little baby into the world.

Zinhle has shared every step of her pregnancy with fans via her Instagram account and today she has revealed that she’s due to give birth any day now.

Even though Zinhle feels that she’s going to miss all of the private moments that she’s had with her baby inside her belly she says that she really can’t wait to meet it, how cute! Check out some of Zinhle’s moments below and her silly ThrowBack to the body she had before her pregnancy:

Count Down!…

zinhle birth

Preggie face… Ready for the baby. Missing my old body & clothes. Th countdown has officially begun. #MomentsByDJZinhle

Yummy Mummy Belly!…

zinhle birth 2


“Why do I feel like I will miss carrying you in my belly… I can’t wait to meet you but I love our private moments, feeling you move inside me..” #momentsbydjzinhle

Throw Back…

zinhle birth 4


Throw back to ifiga yam…😂😂😂😂


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