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Criselda Kananda Sets The Record Straight About Being ‘Left At The Altar’!

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Sunday World’s big selling headline yesterday read “Criselda Kananda Left At The Altar”.

No most of us already knew that they weren’t speaking about her husband leaving her at the altar because as we all know the radio personality’s wedding was set to be featured on  Top Billing and Selimathunzi, now why would they air the big day if Criselda was left at the altar?

Well according to Sunday World Criselda had a deal with a well-known magazine, that in exchange for exclusive coverage of her wedding the magazine would sponsor her whole wedding. Criselda has revealed that this magazine was Drum magazine.

Sunday World reports that the magazines editor resigned and a new editor took over which then resulted in the deal that they had with Criselda being cancelled.

The newspaper claims that the sudden drop from the magazine left Criselda in a very poor situation, where there were suddenly costs that were left unaccounted for and she had to ask friends and family to assist with some of the finances for the wedding.

Sunday World also reported that Criselda was fired from her columnist position at Drum magazine when the new editor took over.

The radio personality took to Instagram and Twitter to set the record straight and asked the oh so very important question; is she the first person that had family and friends to assist with wedding finances? NO!

Check out some of her Tweets and her Insta post below…

Why Did They Hide Their “Sources”?…

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Friends And Family Are Meant To Help…

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Watch Who You Invite Into Your Life…

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