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Natasha Thahane ‘Enhle’ Is Tired Of All The Fake Social Media Accounts In Her Name That Are Posting Nudity Online!


Now it’s one thing to have a Facebook fan page, it’s another when someone creates an account using your name that starts posting nudity and writing about sex all day on your behalf.

Skeem Saam’s, Natasha Thahane is one of the many celebrities that have fallen victim to several fake online profiles. Just last week Menzi Ngubane warned fans that he has never been on any social networking platforms and that fans should know that it’s not him that they’re interacting with online.

Natasha (19), who plays Enhle in the popular SABC1 soapie has reached out to Sunday Sun and told them that there are more than 15 fake Facebook accounts in her name.

The Archbishop’s granddaughter also added that one of the pages has more than 125 000 followers and it has been causing her sleepless nights.

“Almost everything that’s written on those pages is stuff I’d never say. The sad part is there are people who believe it’s me,” Natasha said.

“I’m worried people who don’t know me may believe I’m responsible for those posts. It puts me in a very bad light.”

Nomaswazi Mamakoko, Natasha’s mothers says that the imposter is obsessed with Generations: The Legacy actor Gadaffi, played by Vuyo Dabula which might make it look like her daughter is dating the actor.

Natasha’s mother also added that the account is filled with sexual commentary and pictures of half-naked people.

“People call me and ask why my daughter posts pictures of half-naked people on her page. They’re also asking if Gadaffi is her boyfriend. I have to put an end to this. This is my little girl.”

Natasha and her mother say that they’ve reported the fake pages to Facebook numerous times and they still haven’t been taken down.

According to Skeem Saam publicist, Percy Vilakazi: “This is a huge problem with all Skeem Saam cast members.”

Well there you have it folks, if you ever run into Facebook pages with Natasha’s name, it’s not really her!

P.S, Sorry gents!…

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