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Asanda Foji Denies Being Fired From Generations

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Tuesday morning’s headlines were about how three of the actresses from Generations: The Legacy have been sacked from their acting gig.

Denise Zimba who plays the role of Mary later confirmed that she will be leaving the soapie as she would like to pursuit other things in growing her career.

One actress that wasn’t too happy about the news was Asanda Foji who apparently didn’t know that she was being sacked from the show. Asanda only found out about being fired from Generations: The Legacy when Daily Sun called her for a comment regarding the issue.

The paper reports that Asanada, who plays the character of Simphiwe, Mazwi’s wife as been denying the reports that her contract with the soapie has not been renewed.

Speaking to the paper Asanda said: “These rumours have been going around for months now. I really hate this. I wish this could stop because you guys are stressing me out. I don’t understand why people keep saying these things because my contract hasn’t even been negotiated.”

Asanda even took to Facebook to request that people stop spreading rumours about her being fired.

I’m Not Fired!…


Asanda then requested that Daily Sun wait until the end of October when all the final decisions regarding her contract have been finalised. This comment that was made by Asanda was reportedly made just hours before Generations released the official statement confirming that Asanda and Denise Zimba will be leaving the show. 

The paper once again contacted the actress to let her now that Generations has released a statement confirming her departure and Asanda was shocked by the news : “What? I don’t know what you are talking about. I have not been told that. Maybe my agent is going to call me about that. I just don’t understand what’s going on.”

Talk about awkward right? Asanda apparently thanked the paper for informing her about the statement.

Sjoe! Where there’s Mfundi, there’s drama.

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