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K.O On Cashtime’s New Signing: “…as soon as that person comes out, the ground is gonna shake.”

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Cashtime Life, the coolest musical group in SA but, we honestly feel that they haven’t given us enough music. We need more albums, less clothes and more music gents.

We all know that the ‘Boss’ of the crew K.O has had himself quite the successful year but we really hope that his success rubs off on the rest of the crew and inspires them to do better.

With K.O’s album going gold the rapper seems quite pleased with how people are receiving his music and understanding what his rap is all about, speaking to Hush recently the rapper had this to say about his award: “For me to be actually certified is quite an honour and I’m humbled. I’m motivated to work even harder. I mean I was also blessed enough to actually win the awards at the SAMAs.

“For the very first time a hip hop record won song of the year [Cara Cara] at the SAMAs which is totally amazing. I guess I owe it to the people of South Africa, you know with all the support.”

K.O has always been about exposing new talent and giving people a chance to taste success too, after all he is the one that launched Nomuzi’s rap career.

The rapper also revealed that Cashtime will be introducing a new artist to the scene and that he knows that the person is going to deliver all sorts of bars: “As far as the rumour that we might be signing an artist, as soon as that person comes out – I’m not gonna say whether it’s a he or she – but as soon as that person comes out, the ground is gonna shake.”

Big things for Cashtime, it looks like they’re starting to live up to their word. We really just so excited!

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