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Zonke Opens Up About Her Sister’s Passing.

It’s almost been a year since the passing of musician and sister to Zonke, Lulu Dikana. Death is never an easy thing to deal with more especially when the person that has passed was someone that you did almost everything with.

zonke and lulu

Zonke has finally opened up about her sister’s passing and how losing her has affected her.

Recently speaking to eNCA she had this to say:  “It’s been a hectic past few months. A lot has happened. I’ve also been in studio drowning myself in music, drowning my sorrows away in music. Also, I felt that it’s time I put out new material. It’s been four years since my last album and also while I was busy recording that album, my sister Lulu passed away in December.”

The singer also adds that it’s been quite the tough year on her.

“It’s not something that you just snap your fingers and get over. But it’s a process and being in studio has helped me a lot… Music has a way of just massaging the pain and the fact that we did music together, you know, that was the connection. I feel like I feel her presence because that’s what we shared.”

Zonke also adds that she remembers all of her late sister’s teachings and keeps them all dear to her heart.

“It’s an ongoing struggle, some days are good, some days are not so good. I’ve got music and I thank God for that.”

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