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Black Coffee Shares The Story Behind His New Album.

If Black Coffee isn’t considered as one of South Africa’s best and favourite DJ’s then I honestly don’t know who is.

His success story is one that every DJ wishes that they had.

black coffee pieces

Black just recently completed his summer tour overseas and it was quite the successful venture for his career. He adds that his music was well received by a number of people in every city and country that he paid a visit to.

The DJ has always been one to share his story of success and his struggles with his fans. While reflecting on his tour Coffee revealed the title of his new album, Piece of Me and what the album is all about.

It’s been a while since we’ve received work from this amazing man and we really can’t wait to hear what he’s prepared for us.

Pieces Part 1…

Part 1 My Office is gonna kill me for posting the Album Cover before the release date…but I feel this moment deserves it. Last night was the last Gig of the #BLACKCOFFEESUMMERTOUR and I’ve been up till now…couldn’t sleep trying to process this whole Journey….how Amazing the reception has been in every single Country and City I visited.On Sunday in Liverpool one Gentleman was literally in tears….overwhelmed not by me but by the Music…So many questions coming to mind but one that’s there constantly is “why me” why all this Gift…why all the love…I’m far from being perfect….Coming from a place where I come from its easy to have all these questions and doubts about one’s full potential…and for me everything became clear when I accepted who I am…all my flaws and talents…I looked deep for my Genius…Every single person on this Earth has it…each person needs to dig in and tap into it….so my answer is…It is given to me for a reason…to have a purpose and for me it is inspire,comfort and touch People’s Hearts and Souls with Music..Its been so amazing to see this Music traveling from South Africa to a Medical Facility in New York and being used to heal patients monitored by Dr Oliver Sacks a Neurologist who passed away last night(May His Soul Rest In Peace)…who’s book Musicophilia (Tales of Music & the brain) I was coincidentally reading at the time when I find out about this….We all deserve Greatness despite our background and our past.

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Pieces Part 2…

Part 2 With this tour I learned so much more about House Music…what moves people and the #PIECESOFME Album was created on this journey and most importantly not just for certain people of any race or colour or certain beliefs it’s created for Humans and to be consumed at anytime anyday and any occasion. One of the Perks of being a DJ is that you can do very well by just playing other People’s Music and of coz you have to know how to and you have to be really good at it and my Sets on this Tour had Music from mostly South African Artists and I’d like to give respect to them so they know they’ve realized their Genius…..#culoedesong #dacapo #eltonick #sobz #garth #kent #darque #djmshega #djclock #euphonik #princekaybee #bennyt #beatenberg #mobidixon #taice #toshi #djtea #stnicholas #blomzit #uhuru LET’S ALL BE GREAT

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