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Anatii Threatens To Sue AKA After He Apparently Used His Beat For ‘Composure’ Without His Permission!

This week probably goes down as the worst week ever for AKA.

First the Bonang saga and now this? Rapper and producer Anatii has threatened to sue AKA over his diss track ‘Composure’.

aka and anati

The rapper fired shots at Anatii in the track calling him crazy for wanting to charge him R80 000 for a beat.

With other rappers like Riky Rick responding to AKA with a song Anatii wants to hit back with a lawsuit. According to him AKA used a beat that was produced by Anatii withouth his knowledge and he also claims that the opening verse of the song was written by him.

“It is with a sense of disbelief and outrage that Anatii and his management have discovered that AKA has, without Anatii’s knowledge or consent, unlawfully made use of Anatii’s original beat and opening verse in his latest release ‘Composure‘,” Anatii’s management says in a statement.

They go on to add that they will be taking legal action against the ‘All Eyez On Me‘ rapper.

“This constitutes a clear infringement of the copyright which vests in that material. Anatii intends to take such action to enforce all its available legal rights as are appropriate in the circumstances currently prevailing,” the statement read.

All we have to say is, SIGH!

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