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Kelly Khumalo Opens Up About How She Almost Turned Back To Drugs After Senzo’s Death

We all know that Kelly Khumalo has had her fair share of relationships going bad or ending in a not so good way.

The songstress has a reputation of turning to alcohol and drug abuse during her low moments and it seems Senzo’s death almost had her turning back to the abuse.

kelly and senzo

Senzo Meyiwa and Kelly’s relationship went on for quite some time with a number of people being against the soccer player’s decision to leave his wife and kids.

Later into their relationship, Senzo was murdered at Kelly’s home in Vosloorus and because of her bad rep with relationships all fingers were pointed in her direction.

The songbird was once again dragged back into Senzo’s murder case earlier this week, with reports stating that a police investigator suggested she be arrested for the footballer’s death.

Now, Kelly is featured in the new October edition of True Love magazine and in a revealing interview she opens up about how she dealt with the temptation of turning to drugs while she was mourning.

“I thought I needed something to numb the pain,” she says of the incident. “But what surprised me was that nothing in my mind or body had the craving.”

Kelly adds that she realised that relapsing would postpone her recovery and would be a huge setback for her. Her biggest intent was to stay sober and focused on her career and family.

“I stayed away from social networks. I knew I was going to be called names and be hated by people who have never even heard of me,” she told the mag. “I felt like journalists had been waiting for something like this to happen so they can feast on me. I was also a victim that day,” she adds.

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