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Nonhle Thema Addresses Celebs Who Lie About Their ‘Achievements’.

When it comes to lying about your achievements and what you earning Nonhle Thema might be considered to be an expert in that area but, that’s not why we’re here.

nonhle themaaaa

Back in 2010 the TV personality and actress was on quite the high horse claiming that she earns too much to have people hating on her and she can’t be worrying about it.

She apologised for lying earlier this year and now has come out to say that when a celebrity starts lying about their accomplishments, we should see it as a cry for help.

Wait, is she talking about Bonang a bit?

Just last week Bonang shared that her Distraction lingerie line will be launching in Australia and well Woolworths came out to say that nope, Bonang’s statement was misleading and her line will not be launching in Australia.

That’s when Nonhle decided to share what lying does…uhmmm…

Lying Is Sad…

nonhle lying


nonhle lies 2

Don’t Do Your Job To Please Others…

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