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Unathi Msengana Reflects On Her Incredible Weight Loss Journey!

Everyone tries to be fit lately but only the right determination and perseverance can get you through everything.

Radio and TV personality, Unathi Msengana has had quite the inspiring weight loss journey and we most certainly hope that her story only inspires other young woman to take more control of their eating and exercising habits.

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A few years ago Unathi received a lot of hate from social media with a large number of people calling her names and bashing her because of her weight issues. Now it’s four years down the line and she’s lost a tremendous amount of weight throughout the years.

In a recent Instagram post she takes a minute to reflect on how far she’s come and encourages others to get up and get working.

“Whatever your weight goals are, whether to lose of to gain know that YOU deserve it,” she wrote on Instagram.

She adds that achieving your ideal goal weight takes a lot of patience and hard work.


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