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Amanda du Pont Proves That A** Is More Important Than Heritage On Social Media!

So Amanda du Pont decided to do a little experiment on her Instagram last night.

The TV personality and actress took to Instagram to post a picture of ‘herself’ in sexy black underwear but the caption was totally unrelated to the picture that was posted.

Sexy Amanda Du Point Photos (4)

The caption read “Bae thinks my hair is growing, I think so too.” A lot of people then started commenting, as expected that Amanda is desperate for attention and she should do other things if she really wants to get likes on her Instagram and so forth.

The picture was not reported or taken down by Instagram and this is the point that Amanda was trying to prove. On Heritage Day the beaut posted a picture of herself on Instagram topless to celebrate her Swati culture, the picture was soon reported and taken down by Instagram as it was considered to be inappropriate.

After posting the ass pic Amanda posted the Heritage Day picture once again, this time around it was edited. Amanda shared how upset she was that people value ass more than they do heritage: “We have become so westernized and have a warped perception of what is respectable.”

Check out Amanda’s posts below:

Bae Things…

Point Proven!…

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