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Asanda Foji Admits That Her Acting Was Not Very Impressive When She Started Out On Generations!

Asanda Foji who plays Simphiwe on Generations: The Legacy has not had the easiest journey on the soapie with a number of people calling her out on her ‘bad’ acting.

Just 3 months ago the producers of the show shared that they’ll be making a number of changes on the soapie and saying goodbye to some of their actors to welcome new faces to our screen.

asanda joji

At first Asanda was very careful to not talk about her experience on the show and at first had shared that she knows nothing about being canned.

Speaking to Sowetan the actress shares that she’s aware that her acting was not too great when she first started out but that was only because of the nerves.

What made her even more nervous was working with names that have been in the industry for years now.

“I know that my acting was not impressive. I was nervous most of the time. The nerves really worked against me and it showed on television.”

Being a shy girl from the Transkei, Asanda admits that she could feel the pressure.

“There was a lot of pressure and I was new. It’s funny that I was not intimidated by the camera and lights though,” she says.

The actress then shares that over the time spent on screen she learned how to not show her emotions.

“It’s a skill I have learned as I got along. In my latest scenes I achieved it, maybe that is why my acting looked bad. As an actress, you constantly grow,” she said.

When one is on screen for the first time alongside legends, you sometimes forget to act and just appreciate their work.  “There were times where I would forget that I was acting and looked at these people and realised how lucky I was to work with them,” she says.

Asanda will officially make her exist from the soapie in December.

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