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Khanyi Mbau On Being A Mom And Embracing Your Sexy: “You can have your child and you can still have fun, be sexy, have dreams and still live for yourself. “

When you look at Khanyi Mbau one would never say that this yummy mummy just turned 30 last week.

To celebrate her 30th birthday the sexy Mbau took to Instagram to share a few sexy pictures of herself, and honestly speaking she’s still got it.

khanyi mbau so sexy

While sharing all those sexy snaps the TV personality and model shared that being a sexy mom is not a crime.

In one of her posts, Khanyi shared that having a child doesn’t mean you should stop being sexy and feeling sexy and being a mom definitely doesn’t mean that one should stop following their dreams, there is many moms that like to feature on adult sites like Tube V sex still, so find your sexy!

She also adds that she hates that it’s acceptable for men to explore their sexuality but as soon as a women does it they’re looked down on.

You hear that ladies, explore your sexuality and be proud of your sexy don’t let anyone tell you any different!

Embrace Your Inner Sexy…

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