If you are a local R&B and a hip hop fan then you will be aware of a LImz Squad clue based in the commercial capital Blantyre.

Limz Squad, popularly known for its hit single “Tikambilane” which is enjoying massive airplay in most local Television stations and local radio stations in the country is working on a mix-tape titled ‘Life’ which is expected to hit the market early next year.

The mixtape contains 10 songs which was produced by three different producers namely Ntonda media, DJ Chiya (Incredible sounds) and Thom Gizzo records.

Apart from “Tikambilane” hit single, “Tikumwaza dollar” is another hit single that has taken the music industry by storm and no wonder the song is enjoying massive airplay at Times television.

The song highlights the luxurious life that many people of all ages both local and international tend to lead which results to disappointment at the end.

“Panopa”, “Ndapita” and “Why Africa” are also some of the hit singles that fans out there will fall in love with once the mix tape is out.

Speaking in an interview with faceofMalawi, Limz Squad band leader Mayamiko S Limula, popularly known as Boy-mayah said preparations are at an advance stage for the release of the mix-tape.

“The mix-tape is expected to hit the market early January next year but fans can access some of the hit singles at Malawi-music.com,” said Limula.

Boy-mayah also urged fans to continue supporting the group, saying good things are yet to come.

Limz Squad started with three people of the same family and now the group has seven members.

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