Sensational and charismatic poet, Robert Chiwamba who has currently rocked the poetry scene with Malemuwa Ndi Ndalama Zanga, Kukhala m’Malawi ndi Kulimba Mtima poetry pieces says all is set for a series of shows to officially launch his Kwa Mayi Chiwamba poetry album.

The launch will kick start on 8th November, 2015 at Chrichi Multipurpose Gardens, behind Puma filling station in Chitawira Township, in Blantyre. Later on November 15, 2015, the launch will go to Capital City Motel in Lilongwe.

Chiwamba described his latest poetry album as thanks giving to all poetry addicts who love his recitals.

“To begin with, the shows have been designed in such a way that I will have more time on the stage to mesmerize the audience. People should expect more fireworks on 8th November this year, at Chrichi Multipurpose gardens in Blantyre and thereafter, the poetry feast will be taken to Lilongwe fans at Capital City Motel on 15th November, 2015,” said Chiwamba.

Commenting on the theme of his second album Kwa Mayi Chiwamba, Chiwamba said he tackles issues that are at the heart of the society.

“Kwa Mayi Chiwamba album is a special dedication to my mother for everything she has done to me and my siblings, and the album has diverse messages of spiritual, economic, social and health issues which in one way or the other can convey specific lessons to people,” he said.

Chiwamba’s album launch will be curtain raised by Giddes Chalamanda, Izeki ndi Jakobo, Benedicto Wokomaatani Malunga, Lulu, Lucius Banda, Sylvester Kalizang’oma, Hudson Chamasowa, Chichiri dancing troupe, Mada Nyambo, Joseph Madzedze, Raphael Sitima, Mr. Malawi, Aunt Gate, Atcheya, Mtendere dancing troupe and many others, and advanced tickets for the shows in Blantyre and Lilongwe are being sold at K1,000.

Recorded, produced and mastered at Audio Clinic studio in Blantyre by the legendary Marvin Hanke and Uncle Layi except Idze Ebola and Kukumbukira Zisankho za Unofficial 2014 which were handled by the magic hands of Alfred Elson Msaka of Pragmatic Records, Kwa Mayi Chiwamba albulm has 33 poems such as Aliyense Adye Zomwe Akugulitsa, Bp Yanga Yakwera, Malemuwa ndi Ndalama Zanga, Fanizo la Munthu Onunkha, Lodala Tsiku, Ma Nickname, Mbuzi to mention but a few.

Robert Chiwamba came into poetry limelight in 2013 with Mudzafa Imfa yowawa poem and has now two albums namely Chanco Mu Nthawi Yanga and the latest Kwa Mayi Chiwamba.

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