Gardening good for mind and body


By BEN SPENCER Time of article publishedNov 3, 2015

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London – Just half an hour of gardening results in immediate health benefits, experts have found.

Repeating the 30-minute activity as little as once a week has the power to do long-term good for body and mind.

Scientists from Essex and Westminster universities found that a single session of pottering on an allotment resulted in an instant reduction in stress and fatigue, as well as a boost to self-esteem, vigour and a general feeling of good health.

When the team compared allotment holders to non-gardeners, those with green fingers were less likely to be overweight, had more energy and were less angry, depressed and anxious.

Writing in the Journal of Public Health, the authors said: “We found that less than 30 minutes of allotment gardening produces a measurable and beneficial health effect.

“This finding is encouraging as participants are more likely to be able to fit short, occasional allotment sessions into their daily routines.”

Previous studies have found people who have access to gardens, parks or countryside are more likely to live longer, have lower levels of asthma and reduced risk of heart disease.

Daily Mail


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