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Our Top Favourite Pics Of Amanda du Pont And Her Bae Shawn!

A month ago we told you that we’ve finally figured out who Amanda du Pont’s new man is, and well most of you thought we were crazy. (Read that story HERE.)

We’re not too sure what Mr Shawn Rodiques does for a living just yet but, what we do know is he’s an absolute hunk and has been treating Amanda really well.

shawn and amanda

Amanda has tried her best to keep her Bae on the low down but when you’re really in love it must be hard to try keep the one you love from the world.

In most of her posts the TV personality and actress tends to hide her Bae’s face but Shawn on the other hand, he flaunts his lady left, right and centre on his account he even tags Amanda in most of his posts.

We don’t know about you but we think these two are absolutely cute and that is why we took the time out to find out top favourite pics of them together.

We’re really glad that Amanda has finally found her Bae!

Lion Park Dates…

amanda bae

Bae Things…

shawn and mandy


shawn mandy


mandy and shawn

Love Never Looked So Cute…


Woman Crush Wednesday…

mandy shawn

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