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DJ Tira Criticized On Social Media For Having “Minors” At His Sexy #Afrotainment Pyjama Party!

We’ve heard of all sorts of theme parties being held at clubs but, this was really the first time we’ve seen a pyjama party happen.

Afrotainment has been known for their creative side and last night they hosted a pyjama party at a nightclub.

dj tira pj

Leading up to the event DJ Tira shared a number of pictures suggesting what the ladies should wear to the party, to hype up the event and get people excited about coming.

As the festivities went on last night the Durban DJ shared pics from the evening but, there was one picture that rubbed up fans the wrong way.

A number of people shared that they felt that the ladies in Tira’s picture may be a little too young to be at a pyjama party of that kind.

They quickly commented on the DJ’s post suggesting that ‘kids’ shouldn’t be at that party with others even joking suggesting that he should hand the girls back to their High School boyfriends.

Even though most were against Tira’s post, others stood up f

PJ Party…

screenshot-www facebook com 2015-11-06 10-11-04

What To Wear…

screenshot-www facebook com 2015-11-06 10-09-13

The Girls…

screenshot-www facebook com 2015-11-06 10-00-37

The Comments…


There’s More…


And More…


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