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Samkelo Ndlovu’s Take On Relationships: “Make sure your actions match what you say.”

More often than not relationships tend to end way sooner than you intended, most times it’s because one person did the complete opposite of what they had said they would do.

Samkelo Ndlovu is one person who’s always real with her fans and herself and tells it like it is.


Now we’re not too sure if the actress and musician has a Bae or not but judging from some of her Instagram posts, we honestly think she’s on the market.

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to get relationship advice from someone who isn’t in one but, Samkelo has a few words of wisdom for everyone and we totally agree with everything she’s saying.

In a recent Instagram post the actress shares the difference between “desire and possession” and adds that one should know what they want to keep a steady relation, be it friendship or an intimate relationship, you should know what you want and stick to your word.

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