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Top 10 Of The Coolest Couples For 2015!

If you know well enough, you’ll know that there’s nothing that we love more than love and seeing people’s relationships growing stronger over the years.

Now we’ve had a number of break ups in the entertainment industry this year but, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any cool couples left.

We took the time out to compile a list of all our favourite couples based on their social media activity and just the way that they vibe with each other.

Thando & Her Bae…


Thando Thabethe and her Bae have always been on our relationship goals list, not only because of how cute they are together but their Baecations are always just so awesome!

Nadia & DotCom…

nadia and dot com

It’s always fun to be dating someone that understands your hustle and is there every step of the way. We just don’t know how cool it is to be dating someone who spits better bars than you do though. Either way Nadia and DotCom are one of our favourites because of how cool they are together!

Khanyi & Tebogo…

khanyi and bae 2

Khanyi and Tebogo with a lot of rumours going around claim that the two are no longer together, them staying out of the public eye is what got them onto this list. They stay focused on each other and block out the rest of the world and we absolutely love them!

Natasha & Her Bae…

natasha and her bae 2

Natasha and her Bae. It’s always so cute to see a young couple in love, we wish them all the best.

Gail & Kabelo…

gail and kabelooo

One of SA’s power couples for the year. Gail and Kabelo have only been growing stronger as the years progress, if you’re looking for marriage goals, these two are the couple to look up to.

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