Well-known musician Skeffa Chimoto, popularly known as the ‘jamming machine’ has trashed rumours hovering on the social media that he is practicing Satanism, saying the rumor is untrue.

Last week the rumor went viral on the social media (Facebook) that Chimoto allegedly confessed on one of the local radio station in the country that he is practicing Satanism.

The rumor also alleged that Skeffa also named some of the well-known gospel artists in the country of practicing the same.

Reacting to the rumours through his official Facebook page post, Chimoto quashed the rumour, saying he has never been to any radio station for the past one year.

“Let me say thank you to all the people that have shown interest to know the truth about the radio programme that other people are saying i had with one of the radio stations in Blantyre.The truth is that i haven’t been to any radio station in the past ten months or so. The last radio programme i had was at GALAXY FM in Lilongwe and it was a phone on programme during the time of floods last year when musicians organised a show at Lilongwe golf club and I was one of the artists that were chosen to promote the show. So everything you are hearing is totally fake.

“For what reason i don’t know. If you want to know the deep trueth about this, ask those who have listened to it and ask them which radio station was it. You can go to that radio and ask them if I once had such a radio programme at their station,” wrote Chimoto.

He added: “It has never been my wish to please everybody in the works i do because I know that is never possible.But i know that when some people somewhere hate me, there are also many other people that love my work.I don’t wish any bad to all those who always dream bad about me and my work.If any thing, i pray to God that he reminds them that it’s a sin to tarnish an innocent person’s image.

“If you love and follow me, don’t worry about me am very safe 24 hours by the protection of the almighty God.”

Meanwhile Chimoto has announced that he is recording his fourth album and soon he will be leaving for Zimbabwe.

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