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Zahara Set To Star In A Movie, About Herself?

It’s not often we get local musicians starring in movies, it’s even more rare to find local musicians starring in movies about themselves.

Rumour has it that Zahara will soon be telling her story in movie form and she’ll be in it playing herself.

Zahara is yet to confirm news about the movie herself although during a few interviews last year the beaut did share that she has big projects coming up in 2016.

Taking into consideration that Zahara’s albums always sell-out there’s no doubt that her movie will be a big hit and success in cinema’s across the country.

As we patiently wait for confirmation about the movie, the songstress is currently promoting her album and asking the Zahara army for votes for the Metro FM Music Awards.

When the movie does come out, we’re definitely buying a ticket, are you?

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