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Natasha Thahane On Being Famous: “The attention I get from the public is quite cool, yet creepy at times”

A number of celebs have come out to say that fame really isn’t for them.

AKA being one of them. Where he took to social media to express that there’s nothing he hates more than having to take pictures 24/7 just because you famous and you kind of have to.

Actress Natasha Thahane has shared that she appreciates all the love and support she’s received from  the public and her fans but admits that sometimes the love can get a little creepy.

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In a recent interview with ZAlebs the beaut opens up about the famous life and how the love from the public at large has made her feel.

She also shares that what creeps her out more than anything are the fake fan pages that are created for her by all these ‘fans’.

“The attention I get from the public is quite cool, yet creepy at times because I’ve got so many fake fan pages and these people are like really being Natasha.”

She continues to add that it would be better if the fan pages put a disclaimer expressing that they aren’t really her:

“They don’t even put a disclaimer to say that this is not an official Natasha account but they’re actually acting as though they’re Natasha. They’re also saying bad things about other celebrities on those accounts and it really just creeps me out.”

She then adds that besides that small disclaimer, the love that she’s been receiving has been quite overwhelming.

“But like I said the love’s amazing, I once had the pleasure of taking one fan of mine to the zoo. I also get those sweet e-mails as well, so it’s been great and overwhelming at the same time,” she said.

So if you want to get into Natasha’s good books, you know exactly what not to do: don’t start a fake fan page!

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