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NaakMusiq Rubbishes Assault Claims –

Musician and All Access presenter Anga Makubalo aka NaakMusiq has finally spoken out about the assult charges against him and his friends saying it never happened.

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The story that broke out few days ago suggested that the singer’s assaulted a security guard at his housing estate when he tried to tell Anga and his friends not to make too much noise because the neighbors were complaining.

The ‘Call Out’ singer says it’s all not true, the security guy’s version of events is all made up to destroy his reputation. Here’s a statement from Anga’s PR team.

“The assault accusations against the security guard are false. He himself knows that. We were having a gathering at my place the night before. The next day we got reported for making a noise, usually the security guard come 2 or 3 times to tell us that we are making a noise. He didn’t come at all. So we went to confront him the next day. Yes my friends and I were really upset, especially knowing that we didn’t even get a warning, but we did not touch that man. We left the incident after telling him that from that day onwards we would no longer communicate with him”.

“Few minutes later he calls armed response and accuses us of beating him up, he was so determined to get us in trouble. He later went to Daily Sun weeks after it happened saying that he wants to bring me down. Right now he is facing disciplinary action at his work place for lying and also going to the papers without letting his employer know.”

According to the singer, the assault is not the only thing the security guard is lying about. He apparently doesn’t use his real name and he’s not qualified to be a security guard.

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