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“I’m Not Depressed, I’m Just Exhausted” Says Chomee

Last week dancer and singer Chomee shared a confusing post about feeling lonely in the entertainment industry. The post had her fans thinking she was depressed and messages of courage started pouring her way. Turns out we all got it wrong, the singer is NOT depressed, she’s just getting booked a lot.

Chomee took to Instagram to clarify the issue saying, DEPRESSION:NO EXHAUSTION: YES Sometimes that’s what happens when you are one of the MOST BOOKED ARTIST in your stable, who’s working on her ALBUM and preparing for a DVD shoot”, she humble bragged.

Chomee also took the time to clarify those Arthur rumors saying his level of support for his artists is impeccable and if you thought the duo is a couple, Chomee says she has a partner who is not Arthur and she’s happy with him.

“I’VE been happily dating for a while now, in fact my partner makes me very HAPPY!”


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