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‘When A Plus Sized Woman Posts A N*de Selfie They’re Applauded But Fit Ones Are Hoes” -AKA

Y’all have done a great job at confusing AKA on what’s accepted and what’s not accepted with your double standards with feminism. The rapper can’t seem to wrap around why other women are applauded for the same thing other women are trashed for.

“A lot of so called “feminists” are confused. Isn’t what Kim did kinda the whole point? Empowerment? Liberation? I mean … It’s her body”, he tweeted. AKA said he’s confused as to why a plus sized woman is applauded for posting a selfie like Kim’s in the name of  ’embracing their figure’ and when a fit girl posts the same selfie she gets slut shamed.

“Ok so … “Big” girls are applauded for sharing images like that, and “fit” ones are hoes …. Makes no sense but … Ok, got it”, we have to say AKA has a point here. What’s up with all the double standards?

Could AKA’s sudden interest with feminism have anything to do with Bonang’s sexy lingerie video he drooled over on twitter yesterday? The boy has been at it defending his girl lately.


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