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Bonang Talks Being Cheated On, “I Found A Doek Under My Pillow”

Bonang is just like all of us, she also gets cheated on. During her popular segment ‘Ask A Man’, an anonymous caller asked for advice about if she should stay after finding feminine stuff at her guys place and for once queen B understood her more than DJ Naked and JJ did.

Queen B told her over four million listeners something similar happened to her. “I found a doek under the pillow that I sleep on”, she said laughing. Ouch!

In another situation the guy acted confused and asked Bonang if it wasn’t hers to which the queen B replied, “I don’t wear that, I wear Bonang For Distraction”, hello now!

And that’s not all, Bonang says the other time she found a small rolled weave in her bathroom dustbin. “She combed her weave and put the hair in the dustbin on my side of the bathroom”, she said.

We feel so normal right now. Now to figure out if it was Slikour or Euphonik. Was Bonang for Distraction launched when she dated Slikour? Hmm, could the cheating bae be Euphonik?

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